San Diego

San Diego has produced multiple generations of pro skateboarders. In the ‘80s, the Del Mar Skate Ranch helped nurture riders like Tony Hawk, Adrian Demain, and Reese Simpson. After it closed, in July 1987, the San Diego scene continued to grow, and companies new companies emerged. Among them was H-Street, the brand that turned Danny Way and Matt Hensley pro and, through videos like Hokus Pokus (1989), pushed technical skateboarding, particularly street skating, forward. Now, the greater San Diego area is home to skaters including enjoi pro Jimmy Carlin, Baker pro Riley Hawk, Zero pro Tommy Sandoval, and a host of others, along with brands like DC Shoes and distributors like Syndrome (Birdhouse, Blvd, Stereo, and more) and the Kayo Corp (DGK, Organika, Gold Wheels, Expedition-One).